"Goooood Morning... Today is Tuesday, June 20th, 2017.  This Ireeeeeene Yu, bringing YOU the morning announcement. "

It seemed like it was only yesterday, when I would do the middle school morning announcements and it likely influenced my desire to consider a career in broadcast journalism. I wanted to the "the next Connie Chung" and throughout high school, college, and beyond I participated in various media related activities and organizations. I loved sharing stories and highlighting adventures, yet my direction in career choices shifted as I grew older.

Middle School Career Day - Irene Yu, Broadcast Journalist  (Do I look the part?)
My first paid gig was that of a dance instructor, then private tutor, then school counselor and throughout my experiences and training I've learned that what I treasure most is my freedom of expression and utilizing my creativity and knowledge in ways that can reach a wider audience. My roots in wanting to broadcast valuable information is still deeply rooted inside me, so I decided to take this platform and share everything I've learned in education to help Asians and Asian Americans navigate public and private high school, maintain a balanced life, and be better prepared for college and future employment.

I've been privilege to work with students identified as at-risk, as well as some of the brightest proteges. Both types of student face challenges on multiple fronts, and yet when it was said and done I was proud that I was a part of their journey. I've also worked with international students and English Language Learners (and no they're not mutually exclusive), as well as students with disabilities.

I've learned tremendously throughout the years on the behind-the-scenes work on what goes into a 504 plan, how to support student's social/emotional well-being, the college admission process for local and international students, selecting students as scholarship recipients, and so much more. It's selfish to keep knowledge to myself, and with this website and my videos I hope families will be better informed on how to make the most of high school and prepare for whatever the future holds.

Are you excited as me? What type of videos would you like to see? Comment below to let me know!