Growing up Irene was a latch-key kid whose babysitters included Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, among others. She greatly admired their confidence and bravery in standing up for what's right and always wanted to do something to help others. She especially looked up to Lois Lane (of the Superman series) and aspired to be a journalist to inform the public. 

Fast forward many years - Irene completed her Leadership Practicum at a high school and worked towards becoming a high school Guidance Counselor. She completed her Masters in Education (Ed.M) and Masters in Arts (M.A.) in Psychological Counseling at Columbia University in New York and posses her California Pupil Personnel Credential.

In her free time she dresses up as superheros and princesses as a creative outlet and since 2017 has regularly attended anime and geek conventions around California. She's been featured on DC Comics, Marvel, Disney, and is a member of Kids Can Cosplay, a non-profit charity group, to empower kids and spread smiles around Southern California. 

In June 2019, Irene decided to fully integrate her personal and professional experiences and unite her platforms under one name - Cosplay Counselor, to not only share her best college and career tips to people around the world, but also stand up for people who don't fit the traditional mold and embrace their identities as a part of who they are.