Hi everyone! I recently posted my newest video addressing tips on how to get into college with a Low GPA. You can watch the video here or see the text below for my abridged video advice. Here are my top three tips!

1. Take the SAT or ACT
Many colleges will request students to take one of these exams and have the official scores sent to their university as a part of their evaluation process.

As a senior you still have an opportunity to take the test during your senior year if you weren’t happy with your test results during junior year. Student can take the the SAT with Writing in October and/or November test date and this year they’ve added a August test date.

The ACT is offered in September and October and the dates do not overlap with the SAT.

If you’ve already taken either exams 3 or more time don’t recommend investing your time, money and energy to take it again as generally student’s scores plato; however, I have seen many students use the summer before senior year to prep and take one of the exams one last time.  Just be sure to sign up as soon as you can secure a spot as those test dates are very popular among seniors..

2. Write good essays
If you’re already an upperclassman, this is the one thing that you have complete control over in your college application. The Personal Statement and supplemental essays can play an instrumental role in your admission decision  

Remember humans are reading the essays, so take time to make it your own and tell your story.  

Themes of resiliency or showing your dedication and love to learn are two popular themes that I’ve seen in powerful essays. Like any essay you turn in to your English class you should plan on having multiple revisions before you turn in your final masterpiece.   

Was there an extenuating circumstance that happened? For example did you have to take on additional family responsibilities because of some unforeseen circumstance thus impacting your grades? Did you move multiple times because of your parents employment - that can definitely impact your grades if you don’t stay in one school for long enough to understand the flow of the class.

Basically anything that most students do not have to go through are things that you should mention.

Aside from your transcript, and test scores the admission committee doesn’t know your life, so it’s important to provide as much information as possible so that they can take them into consideration when evaluating your application

So those are my three tips on “How to get into college with a low GPA.” Do you have a tip that I didn’t mention? Write a comment below!