We may differ in powers and strengths, but our differences is what unites us. Mutant Proud! Oh... and a hair brush. All filmed in quarantine #FlattenTheCurve #DontRushChallenge

If you could have any special quality what would you pick?

Mutants (IG handles) Mystique: @bethcosplay Bishop: @rfjcosplay1986 Rogue: @suzukichan_cosplay Gambit: @the_night_wing Cyclops: @perpetualmidnightcosplay Psylocke: @cosplaycounselor Magneto: @perpetualmidnightcosplay Storm: @gymjunkiecosplay Jean: @meshellwaffleo Wolverine: @jt_otero Special thanks to Ryan our Bishop for editing this epic sequence!

Until Next Time,

The Cosplay Counselor