One reason why I miss going to conventions is getting to meet so many amazing cosplayers from near and far. So, in today's video I along with 33 cosplayers from around the world joined in on this "Pass the Brush" Challenge. Cosplayers featured represent Norway, Hungary, India, Australia, Canada, United States, and Mexico!


While we're physically separated, it's awesome that we can still connect by representing our favorite fandoms. What geek tribe do you belong in? Comment below!

Cast IG accounts (In order of appearance)
@that.girl.misa - Gamora
@mayannecosplay - Rey Skywalker
@gaby_cosplay - Rei Ayanami
@bananacospboys - Noctis and Gladio
@charbs_cosplay - Captain America
@emma_charbonneau33 - Scarlet Witch
@noah_charbonneau06 - Hawkeye
@grizzly_cosplay - Thor
@ayasha_cosplay - Winter Soldier
@frank_coraci - Venom
@lostprincesscosplay - 2B
@xx_ccosplay - Froppy
@akaida.cosplay - Kenaki
@kaylaroccocormier - Raven, Starfire, Beast Boy, Robin
@reckless_lady26 - Sheego and Ron Stoppable
@ceeohh__ - Symbiote Spiderman
@cosplaycounselor - Chun Li (Me!)
@robeccleshall - Shocker
@astrocyte_cosplay - Antman and The Wasp
@shirokaricosplay - Midoriya
@ottawaknights2017 - Shoto Todoroki
@anniechiedesigns - Marin - Wolverine
@bell_fx - Domino
@the_zolak - Psycho
@skot1973 - Soldier 76
@liormora_cosplayer - Spider Punk
@auphelingcosplay - Kaliope

Big thanks to @robeccleshall who produced this video!
Music: Dojacat - Boss Bitch (Birds of Prey Soundtrack)

Until Next Time,

The Cosplay Counselor