Do you have convention blues? Come check out this "incredible" cast of cosplayers who transform into their favorite heroes /villains by #passingthepop

In order of appearance
@cosplaycounselor (Violet Parr)
@mviouscosplay (Goku)
@yougottabekittenmeee (Todoroki)
@erikagamisews (Sailor Mars)
@lua.lpcosplay (Domino)
@meshellwaffleo (Archangel)
@Jayj.the.webhead (Miles Morales Spiderman)
@captain_gnat (Captain America)
@rensempress (Iron Man)
@thevhenix (Black Widow)
@vigilantecosplay (HC Spiderman)
@socal_al_93 (Nightwing)
@mayan.goddess (Wonder Woman)
@kage_cos (Steve Trevor)
@koruption_kosplay (Shazam)

Editing: @koruption_kosplay
Music: Immortals by Fall Out boy
Video shots: safe at home with our @originalfunko

Until Next Time,

The Cosplay Counselor